About Hoot Magazine

Hoot Magazine is the only and undergraduate-run fashion magazine at Columbia University. It launched on campus in 2009, featuring student style, fashion and beauty tips, and prominent alumni. In May 2014, Anisa took over the magazine as Editor-in-Chief, after serving as a contributor and Beauty Director. Following the release of her first issue, Anisa was invited to San Francisco by issuu.com as an inaugural Generator, a meeting of 8 leading millennial publishers. After one year at the helm, Anisa launched "Holler" a supplemental mini-mag half the size of Hoot that features trend-based shoots and helps meet increased demand from readers and contributors. Through Anisa's leadership, Hoot received recognition from Harper's Bazaar, Elle Magazine, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, issuu, and Barnard Magazine.  The magazine grew from a niche campus club to a global leader for student publishers with millions of digital viewers each issue. 

See below for project case studies and more information on the process of making Hoot and Holler. 


in the grass

With a patch of tall grass in the Bronx and a discarded red chair, Hoot editors transformed menswear brand Bode and workout wear by Outdoor Voices with whimsy and imagination. 

Seb 8.jpg

paper route

While Hoot works with many emerging designers, we don't have access to well-known luxury brands. To bypass this, Hoot editors commissioned an illustrator to create outfits with coveted luxury pieces.

HootMag Editorial1400.jpg


Working with women-run streetwear brands Brujas and Venomiss, Hoot editors reimagined streetwear trends for feminine and masculine wearers, regardless of gender identity.


authentic voice

Bringing in contributors and consultants, Hoot has created editorials addressing gender identity, mental health, religious clothing, and other topics often ignored by fashion media.

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layout & design

Many Hoot contributors come to us with great ideas but little experience. Happy to work through projects with them, we sometimes give photos extra love to help their story come together.


in touch

Hoot doesn't like to shy away from a challenge so we took on a lingerie editorial. Hoot editors worked with Antwerp-based La Fille d'O to produce a shoot that was exciting, not exploitative.